First four ARISS Contacts for Tim Peake Announced

ARISS, and the UK Operations Team for ARISS, are delighted to announce that the first four ARISS contacts between UK schools and Astronaut Tim Peake have now been identified and are as follows:- Between 4th and 10th January 2016 – Sandringham School, St Albans,... read more

Good luck Tim

With less than twelve hours to the launch of the Soyuz rocket that will take Tim P, Tiim K and Yuri to the ISS, the UK operations team for ARISS have set up their display in the world famous London Science Museum. If you can get to the Science Museum, please drop by... read more

Full scale test of the ARISS station completed

The UK Operations team for ARISS carried out a full scale practice run on Wednesday 9th December at a Basingstoke church hall in preparation for the first ARISS contact with Tim Peake from the UK. The day started early for many of us and once we had assembled, had the... read more

Blast Off Live

The UK ARISS team are pleased to announce that we will be part of the launch day celebrations at the Science Museum in London. We will be on the third floor in the Flight Gallery next to Astro-Pi and QinetiQ. We look forward to seeing you all... read more

What does an ARISS contact look like?

We are often asked about what an ARISS contact is like. The following video is one that was created for Richard Garriott’s mission to the International Space Station in October 2008.  It is based on the video produced by the British Amateur Television Club... read more

Goonhilly dish tracks the ISS

Thanks to a lot of effort from the Satellite Applications Catapult team GHY99, the dish we have been loaned at Goonhilly Earth station successfully tracked and received the HamTV signals from the ISS last night.  As the techie picture shows we received a good signal... read more

Principia Press Conference

Ciaran and Noel from the ARISS attended the Prinicipia press conference and heard Tim Peake talk about how STEM is going to be a very important part of his mission. It was great to see and hear the man himself and we came away very inspired to make the ARISS contacts... read more

ARISS receiver installed at Goonhilly

As part of preparations for the ARISS schools linkup with the British astronaut Tim Peake who starts a 6 month mission on the ISS in December, the ARISS team visited Goonhilly this week to commission a dish to receive the 2.4 GHz HamTV transmissions from the ISS. The... read more