The VHF and UHF amateur Radio station:

Our intention is to provide a direct voice contact for up to 10 pupils at each of the selected schools with Tim Peake on the ISS. We will be usingĀ  a VHF / UHF Amateur radio station specially established for the event at each school.

Live video reception at the school and at Goonhilly Earth station:

Our secondary aim is the reception of real time video of Tim inside the ISS using the S band HamTV transmissions. These will be received directly at the school and also by using a 3.8 metre dish at Goonhilly. The local receive system will use a 1.2 mt vehicle mounted dish and Tutioune software developed by F6DZP to receive the DVB-S signal and the output from the system will be fed across an internal IP network to the main video production desktop.

The Goonhilly signal will be backhauled to the school over a dedicated VPN network and displayed when the local signal is not available.

The digital receiver output from both the Goonhilly and the local receivers, along with dishcams and an ISS tracking map is available at

More detailed signal analysis can be found here for the Goonhilly receiver and local receiver.


Video presentation and live webcast:

We are additionally planning to provide a live webcast of the event and the contact with full coverage of run up to the pass. This will include live audio and video of the contact, a real time tracking map and other data and will be available at