If you weren’t lucky enough to be at a school that has been shortlisted there are still lots of ways to get involved in Tim’s mission such as watching videos, joining in the experiments and listening live to the ISS.

About the ISS

There is a lot of information and videos about the ISS available – here are just a few:

The Principia Mission

There’s a lot of information available about Tim’s mission:

Experiments and Activities

Listen and watch the ISS

Even if you are not at a school where the contact is happening you will be able to watch and hear everything by going to our live streaming page You can track the ISS and watch our dishes move on the ISS dashboard Also it is possible to hear the contacts taking place, this can be done in many ways including listening to the live downlink on 145.800 MHz using an SDR, scanner or amateur radio FM receiver or using a web SDR such as http://websdr.suws.org.uk And you can watch detailed analysis of the Digital TV signal live as it is received at Goonhilly and our local receiver on site at school.

ARISS contact videos

Video from our first contact at Sandringham, school, St Albans on 8th January 2016